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Not A Drag Body Balm

“The body balm is completely Not a Drag. I use it to prevent chafing under my bra brand when I ride my bike - it really works. And the face oil is so nourishing . I'm really impressed.” - Watertown, MA

“For the first time EVER I have emerged from a cold without a chapped nose! I had the [Not a Drag] Body Balm with me when my cold started, and the tissues were about to shred the skin on my nose. I rubbed it in to my skin every day without worry that it looked greasy, and my nose emerged unscathed. No chapped or peeling skin!” - Stowe, VT

Secret Agent Body Butter

“I have left a tube of lotion of one type or another on my bedside table for years, but I never use it. But now  I look FORWARD to using Secret Agent into my hands every night, and I actually DO it!” - San Francisco, CA

“The Secret Agent stuff fixed a weird rough spot on my foot. Was it supposed to do that? Either way, thanks!” - Orange, VT

"I love the products I ordered. Use the body butter on my feet - especially heels. Feet haven't looked or felt so good in over 20 years! I use the oil for face, neck and chest. Works wonders! At least I think so!"  Livonia, MI

Seven Wonders Face Oil

“I know it says Face Oil, but I started using the Seven Wonders Oil on my split ends when I was traveling as a last ditch attempt to tame fly-aways. It is now my go-to product after I blow-dry my hair. Just a few drops smoothed into the ends and my hair looks and feels amazing. Oh! And my face loves it, too!” - Franklin, MA

"I've never used a face oil before, but now I cannot get enough of this stuff. I use it at night just before bed and my skin feels so good. I also like that every part of the subtle aroma is from an ingredient that is there for a reason: to help take care of my skin. - Grayling, MI

Bare Necessity Skin Salve

“I recently had an injured patch of skin on an awkward and delicate spot of my anatomy. I called my heath care provider and she told me to use diaper cream on it. What?! I am a grown woman and you want me to use diaper cream? No.

I read the ingredients on the Bare Necessity Skin Salve – way better than diaper cream – and gave it a try. Not only did it sooth my skin, it felt good to use something a little luxurious on tender spots. Thank you.” - Boston, MA

Fresh start body powder

“I always read in bed at night, and for whatever reason, my elbow creases and neck sweat when I hold my book. I used the Fresh Start powder to see if it would help and it did. I love using it.” - Detroit, MI

“I love the body powder. It’s so light and I LOVE the aroma - it's like the best combo of lime zest and ginger beer for your body! The powder works so well in the battle to balance thighs that touch, skirts, and hot weather. Thanks!” - Burlington, VT