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About Character Skin Care

We about care about how your skin feels and how you feel about caring for your skin.



You are more than a specific circumstance, diagnosis, age, or skin concern. This current episode, this chapter, is one piece of your experience. You are a person with a rich story full of color and depth. Your experiences have brought you to this moment – it’s your character that gets you through.


Skin that chafes, cracks, or is uncomfortable in socially embarrassing places can drive you to products you wish you didn't have to use and you don't want anyone to see. You deserve products that care for your skin AND treat you with respect. Character delivers for your skin and is awkwardness-free.


You’ve got stuff to do. You don’t need to waste time worrying about the ingredients in your skin care. We make stress-free products that value your time, energy, and resources. All of our products are plant-based and carefully formulated to be effective for your skin and delightful for your senses. You can feel good about every one of them. Hand-crafted in the USA.


The beauty industry is really good at warning you to prevent all sorts of things: aging, cellulite, damaged skin, and general non-perfection in any form. But what if you have those things already, and they haven’t been “prevented”? We make skin care products that go beyond “beauty” - and into this thing called life.

Laura Crandall 

Founder & President

Many career paths led Laura to create Character Skin Care – massage therapist, spa director, Harvard grad, workplace communication expert, organizational strategist. Each one has been about helping people bring a little more lighthearted well-being to their daily lives. 

Laura’s motto is: Be Curious. Be Kind. Find Joy. Have Courage.

She comes from a long line of characters.